One On One Photography Basics Workshop


One On One Photography Basics Workshop


Are you ready to ditch 'Auto Mode' and embrace the full creative potential of your camera? Then I invite you to spend the day with me, as we hit the streets for a one on one, interactive, hands on photography workshop experience that will have you creating striking images in a matter of hours.

Whether you want to take better photos of your kids or pets, improve your holiday photos, or maybe you have dreams of one day turning pro. I can help guide you through all of the confusing jargon and technical concepts and put you on the path to achieving your photographic goals.

Just like with my Studio Portrait Photography Workshop, you will receive ongoing post workshop support from me via my private Facebook Group. Here you can ask me questions and post your own images for critique.


This is a two part workshop:

Part One (The Technical Stuff) - We meet somewhere comfortable (a quiet cafe or bar) and discuss what your goals are with regards to photography and any concepts that you are finding particularly confusing. I will then talk you through some of the topics listed below (some are best left until Part Two). Diagrams will be provided where needed. One of the benefits of this being a one on one workshop is that you can ask questions at any time.

Part Two (Let's Shoot) - Okay, enough theory and technical talk, it's time to put everything you've learned into practice. This is where we hit the streets for your very own personalised photo walk. As you shoot, I'll be there to assist you and offer guidance, tips and tricks on things such as Exposure, Focusing and Composition every step of the way. This portion to the workshop can be tailored to whatever it is you're most interested in shooting.


  • The Exposure Triangle - Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO - What do they mean, and how do they relate to one another?

  • Shooting in manual mode - Ditch auto and exploit your camera's full potential.

  • Metering modes explained.

  • Shooting modes explained.

  • White Balance - How to maintain accurate colour in your images.

  • Depth of Field Explained.

  • Lenses - Focal lengths & compression.

  • Lighting Explained - Hard vs soft light, direction of light & colour of light

  • RAW vs JPEG - Which is right for you?

  • Auto Focus vs Manual Focus - Tips & Tricks for getting sharper images.

  • Composition - Tips for creating balanced and pleasing images.

You Will Need:

  • A digital camera that is capable of full manual control.

  • If your camera is an interchangeable lens camera, please bring any lenses you may have. I recommend a wide angle  (35mm and lower), a standard (50mm), and a Telephoto (85mm and up). It's not a problem if your camera has a fixed zoom lens. That will work fine as well.

  • Memory cards.

  • Fully charged camera battery (bring extras if you have them).

  • Pen and paper.


If you would prefer to experience the first portion of this workshop privately in the studio environment, please let me know in the comments section during the booking/payment process.

This workshop typically takes place in and around Dublin City Centre. If you would like to make arrangements to have your workshop take place at a different location, please contact me directly before booking. I am happy to travel to you, but please note that a reasonable additional travel cost may be required depending on the location.